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Preview image of Tech Share game mode, which was named as MixTech during developing.

Tech Share is a game mode that allows one to play a faction with all of the subfaction's technology (e.g. if playing as the Allies, all USA, European Alliance and Pacific Front technology are available).

Tech Share mode shares maps with standard mode.



Since this mode allows players to use all tech of their factions, players will face the issue of whether to go offensive at T2 or T3, and which subfaction's tech to develop first.

Faction Allicon.png Sovicon.png Yuricon.png Foeicon.png
T2/one $3800 $4100 $4000 $4700
T2/all $5800 $4100 $4000 $7700
T3/one $8300 $7600 $6200 $8700
T3/all $10300 $12600 $11000 $10700

Generally speaking, the Sovicon.png Soviet Union and Yuricon.png Epsilon Army pay the most for developing all-tech. For Soviets, building up three tier 3 access buildings will cost $7500 in total and has 3 turn of constructions, while the Epsilon will cost $7200 and has even 6 turns of constructions! The Allies will cost $6000 and has 4 turns while the Foehn costs $3000 on all expansions constructing in 3 turns.

Behind the scenes

  • Tech Share was named MixTech.

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  • Version 3.3.0 Added.