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The Tech Secret Lab is a neutral structure that, when captured by an Engineer, gives its owner access to the special repair aircraft Rejuvenator.

Official description

The Tech Secret Lab contains unique technological concepts, designed by various weapon development groups, who sought independence from the warring nations' influence. Once captured, this building will grant you access to these engineers' latest invention, the support aircraft Rejuvenator.[1]


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The Rejuvenator obtained from the Tech Secret Lab requires no technology levels and become available with a War Factory of any kind. If the Tech Secret Lab is destroyed, access to the Rejuvenator will be lost.

In the Infantry Only skirmish game mode, all Tech Secret Labs are removed. In the campaign, each Secret Lab gives a specific, pre-determined unit depending on the mission.

AI behavior

Though the AI is able to capture Tech Secret Labs, they are not programmed to build Rejuvenators.

Campaign Units

Tech Secret Lab in some missions provides access to other unit or building types instead of the Rejuvenator.

Mission Unit(s)
Shipwrecked Zephicon.png
Beautiful Mind Warhicon.png Grdcicon.png
Death From Above Warhicon.png
Mad Monster Sealicon.png
Metaphor Edrnicon.png
Survivors Vrusicon.png Evolicon.png
Backbitten Scrgicon.png Stlkicon.png Shdwicon.png Gehnicon.png

Behind the scenes

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  1. These tier 3 infantry are: Riot Trooper, Sniper, Suppressor, Chrono Legionnaire, Arsonist, Eradicator, Gyrocopter, Virus, Stalker, Syncronin, Zorbtrotter and Giantsbane.
  2. The Secret Lab in version 3.3.4 of Eclipse provides Blizzard Tank instead of Rejuvenator; The one in version 3.3.5 of Death From Above provides Abrams Tank and Aeroblaze instead of Warhawk; Two Labs were present in Mad Monster prior to version 3.3.5, provide Field Medic, Siege Cadre, Navy SEAL and Mirage Tank; a lab was present in version 3.0 of Repentance and provide Kappa Tank; a lab was present in Dragonstorm prior to version 3.3.5 and provide Dragonfly; a lab was present in version 3.0 of Moonlight and provide Scud Launcher; a lab was present in Money Source prior to version 3.3.3 and provide Buratino; the lab in Backbitten additionally provide Kinetic Barrier in version 3.3.2.