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The Tech Satellite Hack Center is a neutral structure that, when captured by an Engineer, grants the owner a full battlefield view through the newly developed Global Positioning System (GPS). However, should the structure is destroyed or change control, its (previous) owner will completely lose their view of the battlefield except of their own forces, so commanders and proselytes would do well to protect it.

Official description

Capturing the Tech Satellite Hack Center allows you to gain access to the brand new Global Positioning System satellite network, in order to acquire a complete view of the battlefield. Keep in mind that the GPS is not complete, and losing the building after its capture deletes the data, reshrouding the map.[1]


The Tech Satellite Hack Center is basically a neutral capturable Spy Satellite Uplink from the original Red Alert 2, but riskier to acquire and maintain due to its usual distance from bases and lack of ground control that would otherwise enable construction of static defenses to protect it. Therefore a commander or a proselyte would make full use of it once they have amassed their army that is also capable of responding quickly when this tech structure is under siege.

For all its utility, it is unable to penetrate the shroud of a Gap Generator until it is powered down. Fortunately however, once a Gap Generator is disabled or destroyed, the GPS will update so that all shroud caused by the Gap Generator will be removed.

There is a number of equivalent buildings in campaigns that serve the same or similar purpose as a Tech Satellite Hack Center:


Capture the Tech Satellite Hack Center to get a full view of the battlefield.
—Allied intel introducing the Tech Satellite Hack Center in Operation: Eagle Fly Free

Act One

  • In Peacekeeper, the capturing of a Tech Satellite Hack Center is the second objective of the mission.