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The Tech SAM Bunker is a neutral defensive structure that, when captured by an Engineer, is a superior version of the Tech SAM Site. Unlike the Tech SAM Site, it consumes some base power.

Official description

Tech SAM Bunkers are massive anti-air defenses, which can easily take down almost any aerial threat at great ranges. This powerful defensive structure's only weakness is that it requires quite a bit of power.[1]


Tech SAM Bunker is one of the many tech defense structures that can be seen as a larger Patriot Missile Site. Its attack method is launching a large number of missiles to the air units at one time. Its far range and high damage make it a major threat to air units.

But Tech SAM Bunker also has a fatal weakness, that is, cannot attack ground units. Due to this, it is more likely to be easily captured or directly destroyed by enemy. Therefore, in order to protect the obtained SAM Bunker, it is necessary to send anti-armor and anti-infantry troops around it.

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