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The Tech Reinforcement Pad is a neutral structure that, when captured by an Engineer, automatically provides the owner with a constant flow of reinforcements.

Official description

The Tech Reinforcement Pad is a unique strategic building, which, once captured, will provide you with additional armored forces through a paradrop every few minutes. Unlike the Airfield, the delivery of reinforcements is automatic and free, but will only happen near the Reinforcement Pad itself.[1]


Reinforcement done as its name suggests, in which several Tier 1 vehicles are dropped on the Tech Reinforcement Pad.

The units delivered by the reinforcement and its size varies depending on the owner's faction and subfaction:





Infantry Only

In Infantry Only, the reinforcements consists of the following instead:


If captured by Epsilon, the Tech Reinforcement Pad produces $1150-$1225 worth of units per 3 minutes and 30 seconds, which is slightly more than two Tech Oil Derricks if sent to a Grinder.


Act Two

  • In Machinehead, there's a Tech Reinforcement Pad in the Chinese outpost near the starting position. If captured before the first four Hammer Defenses are destroyed, it will revert to neutral control after battlefield control is hacked and Foehn reinforcements arrive. It will eventually be targeted by a Missile Strike which will inevitably destroy it.

Behind the scenes


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