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The Tech Power Plant is a neutral structure that serves as an additional power source for commanders and proselytes when captured by their Engineers. Unlike regular power plants, its power grid cannot be sabotaged through infiltration.

Official description

Tech Power Plants provide additional power for their owner. They also come with their own security features to prevent sabotage, making them much more secure sources of power for your base.[1]


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Tech Power Plants as a building act as stand-ins for any sides power plants, including the ability to produce higher tier buildings when paired with a Refinery. Depending on their location, this adds a bit a nuance to the early game: instead of building a power plant, one can capture them to quickly scale the tech tree faster than normal, at the cost of an engineer to capture them. Not only does this provide a commander with extra power, but these buildings are cannot be used to sabotage power, so their tendency to be outside of the main base is not an issue when dealing with enemy infiltrators.

However, keep note that, outside the Fortress game mode, they're generally not placed within bases, and they lack build radius, so keeping them safe requires either defending units or an expansion. Make sure to study the map to get the best idea of how to keep these useful structures safe.


Act One

  • In Bad Apple, after capturing Psychic Beacon, the player needs to capture 6 Tech Power Plants in the city to activate the Psychic Beacon.

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