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The Tech Ore Refinery is a neutral structure that processes ore and gems deposited by miners into cash. It only appears in campaign missions.


The Tech Ore Refinery is functionally identical to the standard ones, providing needed access points for miners to dump ore and gems, giving commanders a potentially steady income, depending on their distance to the resource fields. Being already placed on the map and only requiring to be captured by an Engineer (whose cost is $300), the Tech Ore Refinery's net cost is half as much as that of normal Refineries (which is $600 once the cost of the accompanying miner is subtracted).

Unlike regular Ore Refineries, the Tech Ore Refinery cannot be used to expand the owner's base further, which means base defenses cannot be constructed near one.

Due to a bug in version 3.3.3,[1] Tech Ore Refineries only appears in the campaign; on skirmish maps with neutral Refineries (like Sea of Isolation), they are one of the four standard varieties.


Tech Ore Refinery is a common structure in campaign missions.

Behind the scenes

  • Tech Ore Refineries in 3.0 missions were extensively replaced by enemy faction counterpart in version 3.3.0, and only the one in Downfall was kept. This phenomenon did not change until version 3.3.3 released.
  • The artwork of the Tech Ore Refinery is a public asset and can be used by other modders. The link can be found here.
  • The design of the Tech Ore Refinery strongly resembles the Ore Refinery from RA1. This implies they could be abandoned wartime refineries upgraded by companies, or built using an improved version of the military design.

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