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The Tech Military Docks is a neutral structure that causes the owner's ships and aquatic animals to be produced as veterans. Although it provides benefits to ships, the Tech Military Docks is not placed on water, allowing Engineers to capture it.

Official description

Tech Military Docks provide additional equipment for your ships, and other aquatic units, before they are released into the waters. Any naval units constructed, with this building under your control, will start as a veteran. Despite how it looks, this building is not placed on water.[1]


In contrast to other similar tech buildings like the Tech Heavy Machinery, there is no other way for naval units to gain experience besides the conventional way (killing enemies), making the Tech Military Docks a valuable asset to acquire when building naval units.

Notable appearance

Act One

  • In Shipwrecked, there is an abandoned Tech Military Docks in the lower left corner of the map. Capturing it will give player ability to produce naval units with initial elite bonus, but it will self-damage periodically after being captured, meaning player cannot keep this Military Docks permanently.

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