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The Tech Maintenance Facility is a neutral structure that, when captured by an Engineer, provides the owner with the Maintenance support power which allows the commander or proselyte to quickly repair friendly structures across the battlefield.

Official description

The Tech Maintenance Facility provides a highly specialized maintenance and repair crew that can quickly repair any structural damage at regular intervals.[1]


Maintenance done as its name suggests, in which all friendly structures within the target area will have their structural damage patched up relatively quickly, thanks to the help of the Maintenance Center's specialist repair crews that are able to fix structures better than ordinary repair technicians employed in the war.


The Maintenance support power that the Tech Maintenance Facility provides is one of the most efficient repair operations in the entire game, making said structure valuable on the defensive. Combined with its support power's free usage, rather short cooldown compared to superweapons and wide radius, its owner's base is guaranteed to recover far more quickly than standard repairs, especially after a superweapon attack. Maintenance can also be used in the midst of an enemy siege, making defenses harder to tear down, provided that the damage from enemies does not exceed the repair speed of Maintenance.

AI behavior

The AI will use Maintenance to target the area with most friendly buildings present.




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