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The Tech Hospital is a neutral structure that, when captured by an Engineer, allows the owner's infantry to heal themselves on the field.

The Tech Hospital have two variants: field and civilian (the latter is simply known as a Hospital). Both only differ in appearance and locations (Field Hospitals are found in non-urban environments and the opposite for the civilian Hospital) and are otherwise identical.

Official description

The Tech (Field) Hospital provides all of the infantry units owned by its the commander with automatic healing. The more Tech (Field) Hospitals you capture, the faster your units are healed.[1]


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Capturing the Tech Hospital will allow your troops to regain health over time.
—Allied intel introducing the Tech Hospital during Operation: Red Dawn Rising

The Tech Hospital, due to its provided passive auto-healing for all infantry and easy acquirement, it is often sought after by commanders who wish to attain a great advantage in the field through infantry superiority (particularly the Epsilon Army, as this tactic is their preferred one). The auto-healing makes infantry not as dependent on healing sources from their respective factions (such as the Allied Field Medic) or lack thereof. The auto-healing provided by the Tech Hospital stacks with other similar attributes, such as self-healing naturally (like heroes) and/or from Elite veterancy, granting such infantry increased chances of surviving and earning veterancy if they haven't yet. However, enough damage can outweigh the self-healing and kill infantry, so the Tech Hospital is far from perfect.

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