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The Tech HMG Tower is a neutral defensive structure that, when captured by an Engineer, is basically a pair of heavy machine guns mounted on top of a tall tower.

This makes it an effective anti-infantry defense that is able to fire through walls.

Official description

The Tech HMG Tower is a powerful anti-infantry defense. With a large range and capability to fire over walls due to its height, it makes for a potent defense, without requiring any power.[1]


The Tech HMG Tower is arguably superior to other anti-infantry defenses thanks to its larger hit points and range; this enables the Tech HMG Tower to deny a wide area from Tier 1 and 2 infantry. In heated and noisy battles, the HMG Tower's firing sound is often hard to hear, so an enemy commander may not even realize that their infantry battalion is shredded until it is too late.

While the HMG Tower is capturable, Engineers cannot survive if they attempt to run towards the captured tower unless said defense is focusing on another target and/or the Engineers are safely transported and unloaded within the tower's minimum range. This minimum range can be negated by surrounding it with walls, but only if the tower is close to its owner's base.

Although it can handle light vehicles as well, it will not last long when under fire from bulkier vehicles and siege vehicles.