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The Tech Concrete Fortress is a neutral defensive structure that is basically a much larger version of Tech Concrete Bunkers, being twice as durable and can be garrisoned by two and half times the amount of infantry it can fit in!

Official description

The Tech Concrete Bunker’s larger cousin. Capable of housing an entire infantry battalion, they are incredibly tough and are often vital defenses at strategic locations and chokepoints.[1]


The Tech Concrete Fortress is the best occupied building in Mental Omega and can accommodate up to 20 infantry. It generally appears in the middle of the battlefield or on the outskirts of the base, and has a stronger advantage than the average civilian building and Tech Concrete Bunker.

However, after the infantry occupied the Tech Concrete Fortress, they should still pay attention to the units that can clear the garrison: Riot Trooper, Tanya, Chitzkoi and Duplicant, the latter 3 can get close to the Tech Concrete Fortress and instantly kill the 20 infantry stationed.

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