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The Tech Concrete Bunker is a neutral defensive structure that can be garrisoned by troops like that of civilian structures around the battlefield, giving it some degree of flexibility and modularity.

Unlike civilian structures, however, Tech Concrete Bunkers can be repaired by the commander or proselyte, making them more viable and useful.

Official description

Bunkers are important fortifications in order to allow infantry to fire upon opponents while protecting them from enemy firepower. These bunkers can withstand an incredible amount of damage and are repairable to boot.[1]


The Tech Concrete Bunker is a very common tech building, and like in the vanilla game, it can be garrisoned by 8 infantry. Despite the weakening of the defensive ability of the common civilian buildings and the attacking ability of the garrisoned infantry in Mental Omega, the Tech Concrete Bunker has advantages that the original one does not have.

First, it is stronger than civilian buildings, Tech Concrete Bunker is able to stay under attack by anti-armor units longer. Second, as long as infantry is in Tech Concrete Bunker, it can be repaired by the commander/proselyte using Click Repair instead of an Engineer. This provides great convenience for such buildings that are far from the base.

Behind the scenes

  • In pre-3.3 versions, this structure was simply called Bunker and considered a normal garrisonable civilian structure instead of a Tech structure. As a result, it could only be repaired by Engineers, had a sight radius of 6 instead of 7, and used the normal Steel armor instead of a special armor with nerf to area-of-fire weapons.

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