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The Tech Base Expansion Post is a neutral structure that can be used as a forward outpost for the owner when captured by an Engineer, being the only neutral structure that expands the base building area. It also repairs nearby vehicles and aircraft.

Official description

Tech Base Expansion Posts are small structures placed at strategic locations on the battlefield, allowing the construction of military structures in their vicinity. Each Post additionally repairs any nearby ground vehicles within its range. It is important to remember, that the Base Expansion Post is the only tech structure you can use to expand your base building area further.[1]


For a detailed list of changes from the original game, click here.

Tech Base Expansion Posts are one of the most key buildings in any battlefield they are present in. Not only do these buildings grant commanders a distant construction point beyond their base (reducing the need for a costly $2000 MCV), but their placement is generally where there is notable strategic value, whether it be near gems, ore or even simply being closer to the enemy base. As an added benefit, these buildings also repair nearby vehicles and aircraft, which can be used to ensure that they are well defended in the mid-game.

In addition, unlike in the original game, this is the only tech structure that provides ground control, meaning that it is now impossible to build stationary defenses and buildings in other tech structures (especially the Tech Oil Derrick). Therefore, its owner should exploit this knowledge to construct walls to keep out sneaky Engineers and defenses to fend off intruders.

Commanders should make sure to be very aware of this building, as failure to capitalize on it can result in a lopsided match where one commander has a significant advantage over the other, especially if there's only one present on the map (though that tends to be rare). It's also important to ensure that this building is properly secured on capture, as like any other tech structure, this building will still require a single engineer to capture, regardless of owner. Consequently, poorly defended posts can quickly be taken to allow rapid expansion into an opponent's expansion, which can seriously disrupt their strategy and give the attacker an unusual edge.

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