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The Tech Artillery Bunker is a neutral defensive structure that houses a large cannon with long range that, when captured by an Engineer, allows it to devastate enemy formations from a distance. However, it consumes some base power and cannot fire at enemies that are too close to it.

Official description

The Tech Artillery Bunker has a powerful long-range artillery cannon, that can devastate incoming enemy forces. Unfortunately, it has a big minimum range and requires plenty of base power in order to operate.[1]


The Artillery Bunker is a common tech defensive structure, resembling the Allied Grand Cannon. It can deal heavy damage to enemy convoys from afar but is somewhat vulnerable to infantry, especially anti-structure ones. In addition, the players who captured the Bunker also had to watch out for the enemy's Engineers who can capture it if they manage to dodge its attacks.


Act One

  • In Accelerant, 6 Artillery Bunkers must be destroyed or captured to clear a path for the advancing Russian forces. These Artillery Bunkers do not attack infantry (unless specifically commanded to by the player) and consume no power, allowing the Proselyte to make use of them without having to capture enemy Power Plants.
  • In Sunlight, the player can use Engineers to repair and reactive five Artillery Bunkers near the coast. These Artillery Bunkers in this mission have a longer range than standard status.

Special Ops

  • In Convergence, four Tech Artillery Bunkers on the left bank of the canal and the three Artillery Bunkers on the right bank are the targets that the player-commanded squad needs to destroy. There are two Artillery Bunkers in the lower left corner of the map, which need to be cut off by destroying the Coal Plants in the lower right corner of the map. These Artillery Bunkers will not attack the player's squad.

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