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The Tech Airfield is a neutral structure that can house up to four jet aircraft and provides its owner with paratroopers when captured by an Engineer.

Official description

Capturing a Tech Airfield grants access to additional paradrop reinforcements. Additionally, the building can house and reload up to 4 fighter units.[1]


In addition to housing aircraft, the Tech Airfield also provides the support power Paradrop, which drop a group of paratroopers anywhere on the battlefield for a price of $1200.

The paradropped soldiers depends on the faction:


For a detailed list of changes from the original game, click here.

Each Tech Airfield has a landing strip which allows up to four aircraft to land and reload their weapons on it. However, it is not possible to build aircraft with a Tech Airfield alone without an Air Force Command Headquarters, Airbase or Aerodome, and neither can it substitute for these buildings in the tech tree.

AI behavior

The AI will use Paradrop to target a clear space close to the center of the enemy base. If all enemies are defeated, the AI will target their own base, with the same circumstances. 

Behind the scenes

  • In version 3.0, the Tech Airfield was known as the Tech Airport, which used the model from the original game and cannot store jets.
  • During development for 3.3, there were plans for adding faction-exclusive aircraft once a Tech Airfield was captured which were the Nighthawk for the Allies, the Hailfox for the Soviets (now called the Foxtrot), and the Blight for Epsilon (now called the Dybbuk-Attacker)[2]. This was eventually scrapped after the Soviets and Epsilon got their own airfields.

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