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The Target Painter is a support power available for the United States through the Mercury Network Uplink. It calls the Mercury satellite to "paint" enemies in a target area, improving Allied units' accuracy when targeting "painted" enemies, temporarily making them more vulnerable to attacks.

AI behavior

AI's Target Painter always targets the player's largest group of units. In addition, AI units affected by this support power will immediately target the Mercury Network Uplink.


Act Two

  • The Target Painter is first usable in the campaign in Ghost Hunt.
  • In the first phase of Reality Check, a crate that allows Libra to use a 1-time Target Painter is present next to an Allied Cargo Plane wreckage on the path to the ex-Epsilon base in the first phase (doesn't appear on Mental difficulty).


  • Due to the Allies lost the Mercury Satellite connection after failing the Antarctic battle, Target Painter has been locked in The Remnant.