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Special Agent Tanya is the all-too-familiar Allied heroine of the United States of America.

Official description

The true origin of Tanya Adams is completely unknown to all except a select amount of high-ranking officials in the United States. Speculation runs wild about this almost legendary special agent, who played a pivotal role in the Second Great War as well. The most accepted theory is that Tanya Adams isn't her real name, but a code name for the last person from a selection of the most elite field agents to remain standing after a gruesome training mission known only under the term "bellum regalem", a gauntlet comprising of anything and everything that could possibly be thrown at an agent.

Tanya is equipped with one of the first working attempts of a miniaturized laser weapon, capable of cutting through tank armor, ships and human flesh with great ease. C4 charges allow her to take down enemy buildings in the blink of an eye, making Tanya both lethal on and off-shore.[1]


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Nothing can stop me!
—Tanya in combat

Tanya is a menace to not only infantry but also vehicles, ships and even buildings. Tanya's laser weapon is capable of firing quick, precise bursts of lasers that can cut and ignite her enemies. She can effectively wipe out an entire infantry division and melt entire columns of vehicles without much problems. If the opportunity presents itself, she can instantly clear garrisoned buildings if she manages to get close enough, although this is a risky and generally unviable tactic at best. Capable of destroying any structure using one C4 charge, Tanya can decimate whole bases with C4s if they are not well defended.

Tanya is fast and amphibious, allowing her to support Allied naval operations as her laser rifle is just as effective against naval forces as it is against ground-based targets. This gives her an advantage over most of the other heroes. She can swim across water which allows her to escape from her ground opponents or destroy unprotected buildings that are normally inaccessible.

In addition, Tanya is the only Allied hero that can enter an IFV transport which she can fire her laser rifle from, granting her slightly increased mobility. This also grants her much-appreciated resistance from small-arms fire, but renders her much more vulnerable to anti-vehicle weaponry and mind control.

That all you got?
—Tanya under fire

However, Tanya is vulnerable to anti-personnel weapons like Navy SEALs, Pyros, Duneriders, and Huntresses. She is also quite fragile, especially when approaching garrisons and defensive structures. She also cannot attack air, making her an easy target for aerial units.

AI behavior

Tanya controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:

All difficulties

  • 1x targeting everything, accompanied by 2 Navy SEALs


  • 1x targeting everything; loaded inside a Stryker IFV


  • 1x targeting an offensive superweapon (including Fake Psychic Dominator) or Plasmerizer; loaded inside a Stallion Transport


Tanya's laser rifle can damage both infantry and units from a medium range.
—Allied intel during Operation: Eagle Fly Free

Act One

Tanya sinks some Russian Kuznetsov Dreadnoughts before leaving, and will have a high chance to encounter player's forces again later in this mission.

Tanya first appears as a controllable unit in this mission. She must remain in action until the Air Force Academy Chapel is recaptured. She is chronologically the first playable Allied hero.

  • See: Eagle Fly Free

  • Tanya arrives at the American naval base in Florida in a Humvee to destroy the occupying Soviet force. She must survive until all Typhoon Attack Subs are destroyed.

  • See: Heaven and Hell

  • After the old Soviet Airbase is captured, Tanya will paradrop in the Soviet MIDAS manufacturing complex to destroy the Enrichment Facility and Storage Hangars. She must survive throughout the mission.

  • See: Hammer to Fall

  • Act Two

    Tanya is being held in Warsaw, Poland and must be rescued by Siegfried, donning a Chrono Legionnaire suit. Her laser rifle has been depowered and cannot be used until she can find a battery to recharge it. She must be evacuated inside a Stryker IFV before being teleported away via Chronoshift. As the objective is to rescue her from captivity, she must survive throughout the mission.

    Tanya is chronoshifted into a mind-controlled Allied base via Stryker IFV and clears the Epsilon presence, giving a chance for an Engineer to capture the Psychic Beacon, reverting the Allied base under their control. She can be defeated without compromising the mission.

  • See: Puppet Master

  • Tanya and Norio are tasked with neutralising two Epsilon Tactical Nuke Silos and a Psychic Amplifier in that order to keep the Weather Controller and the Paradox Engine safe. Both heroes must destroy the Nuke Silos within 30 seconds of each other and survive throughout the mission.

  • See: Paranoia

  • Tanya is sent to the battlefield just after Siegfried and his initial group clear the beachhead with the aid of the Paradox Engine's Time Freeze. She's the second of the three Allied heroes to arrive. If she is defeated, she'll be transported to the Paradox Engine to recover, then respawn after a few minutes. Along with Siegfried, she will respawn this way from this mission onwards.

  • See: Insomnia

  • Tanya is among the Allied vanguard sent to destroy the Epsilon HQ base lying between the Allies and their target. If she is defeated, she will reappear through chronoshift against the Epsilon forces after treatment minutes later.

  • See: Unthinkable

  • Tanya joins the fray during the second phase of the mission and becomes controllable. Upon completing the mission, Tanya and Siegfried enters the tunnel underneath the Mental Omega Device to cripple its last defenses.

  • See: Withershins

  • In the first phase, Tanya and Siegfried must locate and destroy the last Mental Dynamo and Dybbuk Hive. Both must survive the first phase of the mission. After completing it, they respawn as normal in the second phase of the mission onwards. In the Allied Epilogue, she, along with some Allied survivors, are last seen entering the Paradox Engine Wreckage as it is being chronoshifted to Alaska.

  • See: Hamartia

  • In Stage IV, Tanya appears as an enemy protecting the Allied Commander's base. In Stage VI, she appears in the standoff.

  • See: Babel

  • Origins

    Tanya and other Allied survivors arrive in the ending of the mission, where they agree to cooperate with the Revolt forces.

    Tanya leads the defense of the southeast area of the Alaskan stronghold. After she falls for the first time, she becomes controllable and trainable as in skirmish for the rest of the mission.

  • See: The Remnant

  • Special Ops

    Tanya appears and sabotages a newly-established Psychic Beacon, saving an American outpost from being mind-controlled, then is tasked with rescuing two KI Scientists. She must remain in action until the KI Scientists have been escorted to their destination: the PsiCorps' Pandora Hub and Tech Center. In this mission, she receives a health buff so she would have an easier time surviving the salvos of the Battleships which she is supposed to eliminate.

    The commander can command Tanya to destroy the Tech Artillery Bunkers and Coal Plants aside the Panama Canal. Tanya must stay alive before evacuating.

  • See: Convergence

  • Shortly after the MCVs deploy, Tanya and Norio will arrive via chronoshift to aid Allied forces. Defeat of both heroes will not compromise mission failure.

  • See: Gridlock

  • In the first phase, Tanya will be sent to disable the Dybbuk Hives with Siegfried and a task force, and cooperate with the European Alliance regiment to destroy the local Epsilon base after all Hives are disabled. During the mission, only one of the heroes is allowed to fall down at most and to be sent back to the Paradox Engine for treatment. When the first phase ends, the two will return to the Paradox Engine.

  • See: Parasomnia

  • Cooperative

    Tanya is controllable by the player that starts in the 2nd position. She can be defeated without compromising the misson.

    Tanya appears along with a single Warhawk and Stryker IFV, to destroy the Latin Confederation's white phosphorus production facilities. She got the laser rifle IFV weapon for the first time instead of submachine gun and must survive throughout the mission.

  • See: Good Old Times

  • Tanya needs to delay the Chinese's research and improvement of their Nuclear Weapons, by destroying the Atomheart. She must survive throughout the mission.

  • See: Technologic

  • Tanya, Siegfried and several brave Allied soldiers defend the SteinsTech Academy from the invading Russian and Chinese forces. Defeat of both heroes will not compromise mission failure.

  • See: Blut Royale

  • Assessment

    • Can mow down groups of infantry very quickly.
    • Laser rifle deals decent damage to armored vehicles.
    • Effective attack range greater than that of standard infantry units.
    • A Tanya-IFV combo can perform hit-and-run tactics..
    • Fast movement speed.
    • Amphibious.
    • Requires only one C4 charge to destroy almost all structures.
    • Cannot be crushed by normal vehicles.
    • Can detect cloaked and submerged units.
    • Can self-heal.
    • Being a hero, cannot be mind-controlled and abducted, as well as immune to confusion rays.
    • Can clear garrisoned buildings instantly if she gets close enough to them.
    • Very fragile.
    • Vulnerable to anti-infantry weapons.
    • Before the C4 detonates, Tanya cannot use her laser rifle.
    • Cannot attack aircraft.
    • Vulnerable against base defenses, as she has to get close to them before planting C4 charges.
    • Only one may be present at a time.

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