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These guns are pretty good!
—Tank Killer

The Tank Killer is a Russian special unit delivered through Tank Drop, along with Hydra Cannon.


The Tank Killer is, as its name suggests, a tank killer, and the AP cannon it equips can easily pierce the protection of most vehicles. The downside is that this unit is only suitable for assault and harassment, not frontal attacks. Tank killers are lightly-armored to preserve speed.


Our Tank Killers and Hydra Cannons make for an excellent anti-unit support. You can deploy more of these units with a Tank Drop once a Palace is built.
—Soviet intel during Operation: Juggernaut


  • Tank Killer first appears in Panzer Ace among the enemy tank divisions.

Act Two

  • Tank Killer is first usable by the player in Juggernaut.


  • Highly against armored vehicles.
  • Can crush infantry.
  • Can fire on the move.
  • Poor choice against infantry and structures.
  • Vulnerable against aerial threats.
  • Despite being able to fire on the move, it can only target enemies that are directly in front of it.
  • Only available to Russia and limited through the Tank Drop support power.


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