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The Tactical Nuke is a support power that is the ability of the Soviet offensive superweapon, the Tactical Nuke Silo. It is the small "sister" of the MIDAS that, once fully prepared, can be launched anywhere on the battlefield to wipe out all enemies of the Soviet Union, especially the filthy capitalists, the traitor's followers or the so-called remnants.

While the MIDAS is a fusion nuclear weapon that sacrifices radioactive residue for increased explosive yield, the Tactical Nuke is a fission nuclear weapon which works in reverse; it is not as powerful as its bigger "brother" and leaves behind a field of strong radiation. Despite this, the Tactical Nuke is strong enough to reduce anything caught in its blast zone into ashes and the lingering radiation will slowly, but surely, take care of any unlikely survivors.

AI behavior

The AI will use Tactical Nuke to target any of the following, assuming they are not cloaked:

If all these does not exist, it'll target base defenses, then finally units.


In these missions, Tactical Nuke's countdown is modified:

  • Zero Signal: 45 minutes (35 minutes on Mental difficulty)
  • Obsidian Sands: 25 minutes on Normal difficulty, 20 minutes on Mental difficulty

Act One

Act Two

  • In Exist to Exit, the player can use the Tactical Nuke once after Morales is evacuated.
  • In Unthinkable, the player can gain access to a single-use Tactical Nuke by using a Driller to transport an Engineer to repair a bunch of cannonballs hidden on a cliff in the east of the map.


  • In Backbitten, the Epsilon forces used a tactical nuke to strike a coast guarded by the Allies. This is a reference to 2.0 mission Jealousy, where the player can use a Nuclear Missile Silo.
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