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A Chinese agent has found out about the secret that the Russian dominion does not possess additional MIDAS warheads. Distraught with the vision of the Chinese starting an attack on the Russian territories, Yuri orders an assassination of the agent, before he manages to return to his troops.
—Mission description

Operation: Taciturn is an Epsilon Special Operations campaign mission.


Proselyte, though Yuri has gone into hiding after our failure to protect the last MIDAS, more of his orders to "aid" the Russians are coming, as he wants us to keep up the facade that they still have both the warheads and PsiCorps' support at their disposal. Fortunately for us, the Russians don't seek to challenge the falsified reports in the eyes of their enemies, nor are they actively stopping us from maintaining this illusion. Clearly, their dominion lacks solid foundations and Yuri might be able to take it down with a single strike, if it needs be.

However, not all is as he predicted. Our own intelligence operatives have just reported that a Chinese agent within Russia has learned of the falsified reports about the existence of more MIDAS bombs. Since the Allied attack on Sakhalin Island, the Russians have lost the means to quickly construct another of such warheads, as even with the current technology it is a difficult years-long process. The said agent plans to return to the Chinese with the information, which could in turn reveal it to the world, and topple the dominion the Soviets have unsteadily built. We cannot afford to have this happen just yet. Yuri wants the agent assassinated immediately using whatever means possible.

Objective 1: Find the Chinese agent and kill him.


The persuasion

Epsilon traced the Chinese agent and quickly mobilized an Epsilon Adept, who was lurking in a nearby village, to control his mind. Unexpectedly, when the Adept asked the agent to follow him, he was shot by the agent. It turned out that the agent had trained to resist mind-control.

The relocating

PsiCorps had to use conventional tactics to kill him, but their manpower was limited. The squad that followed was only three additional Epsilon Adepts. When they started chasing the agent, a veteran Pyro ran up and the team quickly took control of him. When they discovered the agent again, he was passing through a well-fortified Russian outpost, which forced the three to walk around.

Then they took control of a Borillo and sneaked to the front while letting it destroy the Sentry Guns. Next, they encountered several Rhino Tanks and several infantry, as well as some Attack Dogs. Epsilon Adepts decided to control Rhino Tanks first, then control the infantry to let dogs kill them, then release Psychic Blast to kill the dogs.

After destroying a nearby pile of barrels, Epsilon Adepts found and controlled a Desolator. But then a nearby Tesla Coil was revealed, and the proselyte was asked to avoid it and destroy the nearby Tesla Reactors to cut off its power. The Tesla Reactors next to them were quickly destroyed as a pair of barrels were detonated, but the Tesla Coils were still running. There were still some Tesla Reactors on the nearby highlands. After collecting more troops, an Epsilon Adept acted quickly, controlling an infantry on the high ground and letting him detonate the barrels there. In this way, the Tesla Coils stopped working, and the proselyte allowed his troops to move on.

Epsilon Adepts discovered and controlled two Tigr APCs as they advanced, and found a base in the north. And the Chinese agent was there! But the base was also too fortified to break through, so the advisor came up with a way: try to destroy the Nuclear Reactor and force the agent to leave the base, and safely approach the Nuclear Reactor was going to go from the right side of the road to approach the back of the base.

They found another Tesla Cruiser and released Psychic Blasts to kill the chasing infantry, but a new problem appeared: there was a Terror Drone in front, so they had to use all the controlled units to destroy the Terror Drone. When they came to a Tech Cannon Bunker, two more Tesla Coils were revealed.

The other squad arrives

PsiCorps had to deploy another force: they sent a Driller closer to a position closer to the Nuclear Reactor to release two Epsilon Adepts and a Crazy Ivan – he could throw bombs to the Nuclear Reactor above the cliff.

The squad controlled the Tigr APCs to kill the infantry ahead and quickly cleared the road. The Crazy Ivan came to the right position and threw a bomb at the Nuclear Reactor. When it exploded, the other side of Tesla Coils stopped working.

The hunter and the hunted

Like the conjecture, when the Nuclear Reactor exploded, the Chinese agent escaped from the base, but his new destination was an underground bunker behind the base. If he entered the bunker, the mission would fail completely.

The proselyte concentrated all his energy to deal with this situation, he let Epsilon Adepts control the unit closest to them and quickly rushed to kill the agent.


Ding, dong, the agent is dead, but this was a really close call. The Russian dominion is vulnerable, but cannot be taken down just yet, as we are not ready. Not yet, but soon. Soon, our time will come. Soon!
—Yuri's message

With the Chinese Agent dead, Yuri can continue in preparing his army without worrying the Chinese to make another war against Russia itself. He also simply told to the Proselyte that eventually their time will come.

Difficulty changes


  • Removed three Soviet patrol squads.
  • Removed 18 Attack Dogs, 2 Desolators, and 1 Terror Drone.
  • 2 Sentry Guns at bottom right of the map will be removed.
  • Speed of the Chinese Agent after destroying the Nuclear Reactor is the slowest in this difficulty.
  • An armor upgrade crate, a speed crate and a veterancy crate are stationed near the initial position.
  • Some tech defenses are stayed neutral. Tech Cannon Bunker at top right corner will be removed.



  • Removed some crates from the map.
  • An elite Desolator in the lower left corner of the map will be removed, meaning the player is unavailable to use him via mind control.
  • Speed of the Chinese Agent after destroying the Nuclear Reactor is the fastest in this difficulty.
  • After destroying the barrels next to the Tech Artillery Bunker in the middle of the map, a Soviet infantry squad will come to check the situation nearby.
  • When the second team advances to a certain place, the enemy will paradrop 5 Conscripts and 2 Attack Dogs in front to attack.
  • Enemy will own Tech Hospital, Tech Machine Shop and Tech Base Expansion Posts on the map.

Easter egg

  • An elite Tesla Cruiser is located near the starting location. Mind-control it will create a quick way to finish the mission.
  • An Engineer is surrounded by sandbags next to where the player's Crazy Ivan appears, and two money crates are also present nearby. Mind control the Engineer and pick up the crates will make capturing and using the enemy base possible.