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—An excited Syckle driver

The Syckle is a Soviet stolen tech unit acquired by infiltrating an Epsilon Pandora Hub and Construction Yard. It is the fastest ground unit ever seen in the war.

The Syckle is armed with a pair of rad cannons similar to that of the Desolator's and has a miniature Iron Curtain Device that makes it briefly invulnerable.

Official description

The Syckle is not so much reverse-engineered technology as it is a study of Epsilon's design philosophies and tactics. The Syckle is a marriage of the speed and fragility of Epsilon's tanks with Soviet firepower, creating a vehicle that excels in harassment and chasing down enemy units. Two powerful rad cannons and one-of-a-kind mobile iron curtain device make the Syckle an almost perennial threat to Epsilon tank divisions and infantry squads and is quite possibly one of the best hit'n'runners out there, especially since it cannot be damaged during the run part of it.

But the truth probably is the Soviets wanted to have a cool bike of their own.[1]





  • Very effective against ground targets, especially infantry.
  • Moves extremely fast.
  • Its extreme speed, rate of fire and attack range allows it to overtake, outmaneuver and then obliterate enemy units.
  • Twice the firepower of a Desolator.
  • Mobile Iron Curtain allows it to make speedy getaways without suffering damage.
  • Can enter smaller transports as it only takes 2 units of space.
  • Can self-repair.
  • Mobile Iron Curtain keeps it permanently invulnerable as long as it does not move or attack.
  • Can clear Epsilon Tank Bunkers.

  • Expensive ($2000).
  • Very fragile for its hefty price tag.
  • Cannot attack air units and structures.
  • Late game unit, only available after infiltrating an Epsilon Pandora Hub and Conyard.
  • Mobile Iron Curtain lasts for a very short duration.
  • While shielded, it cannot attack enemy units.

Behind the scenes

  • The Syckle replaced the scrapped Iron Fist that was supposed to appear in version 3.0. In fact, the Syckle utilizes the mobile Iron Curtain mechanic from the Iron Fist. However, the Syckle's engine doesn't overheat when activating the mobile Iron Curtain that would supposedly damage it, unlike the Iron Fist's intended weakness.
  • The Syckle has another recorded voiceset with the same quotes but it remains unused in the game files, possibly a placeholder during development.

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