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Fight, win, prevail!
—A Swordfish crew's motto

The Swordfish is the primary vessel of the Foehn navy.

Official description

Swordfishes form the cornerstone of every Foehn naval formation. These agile military boats have been armed with an enhanced version of the pressurizer lance, similar to the one used by the Lancers against the enemy tanks. With more space for charging equipment and the engine, the raw firepower of lances on Swordfishes vastly exceeds that of a single Lancer, making it capable of taking on the largest of enemy warships. Additionally, while Spinblades are still not as common at the shores and on islands as they are inland, the engine of a Swordfish can benefit from its air manipulation and reach higher speeds.[1]


The Swordfish is the Foehn's main naval unit. Its main advantage compared to their counterparts is their raw firepower and enhanced speed from Spinblades. Their pressure lances are powerful enough to crush any ships, tanks and buildings within their range.

However, they also have weaknesses that a Foehn naval commander should be wary of. While its pressure lance is strong, it has a short range so the Swordfish won't have the first strike against its rivals. Their weapon is also ineffective against infantry, a flaw shared by Lancers and Pteranodons.

AI behavior

Swordfishes controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:

All difficulties

  • 4x targeting everything


  • 2x targeting everything
    • If available, Invulnerability, Rage, Irradiation Beta/Gamma and Shadow Ring may be applied on this strike force
  • 2x targeting everything, accompanied by 2 Angelsharks
  • 2x targeting everything, accompanied by 2 Angelsharks and 1 Leviathan
    • This task force may be accompanied by 2 Whiprays
  • 2x guarding friendly base, accompanied by 2 Angelsharks and 2 Whiprays


  • Decent naval unit.
  • Versatile unit that can attack naval and ground units on the shore.
  • Can detect submerged and cloaked units.
  • Speed can be boosted by Spinblades.
  • Vulnerable to anti-ship weapons.
  • Not very durable.
  • Pressure Lance weapon has a short attack range.
  • Weak against infantry.


  • Swordfishes (Xiphias gladius) are a family of large migratory and predatory fishes known for their long, flat bill akin to that of a sword.
  • Before 3.3.3, the Swordfish is able to deploy a Shrike Drone similar to that of Shrike Nest’s, but this was since then removed due to balance reasons and since Whipray takes its place.

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