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The Sweeper is a combat drone used by the Last Bastion, armed with Golden Rocket multi-launchers that can only attack ground targets when deployed, during which it is also hidden to the enemies' sight, making it useful for ambushes.

Official description

Sweepers hide in the snows surrounding the Last Bastion's base, waiting for their targets to approach before firing a volley of "Golden Rockets" straight at them. Its turret has been specifically designed to allow it to fire the projectiles without revealing its position. However, a watchful commander will still be able to deduce where the missiles came from by carefully observing the battlefield. Even so, Sweepers make an excellent addition to the Last Bastion's defensive positions.

With a set of windspin engines of its own, it can cross water areas and then burrow in the ground and conceal its presence when ordered to the deploy. Naturally, the windspin engine will boost the unit's speed when near a Spinblade on the battlefield.

While the Sweeper is equipped with "Golden Rockets", its turret's design does not make it possible for this drone to target aircraft. For that you must rely on the Teratorn and other anti-aircraft weapons available in the arsenal of Foehn. Keep in mind that the Sweeper cannot fire on the move.[1]


As with the Last Bastion’s other units that focus on powerful defense, the Sweeper drones are perfect for when enemies are trying to stockpile tanks or other heavy vehicles somewhere near a Last Bastion base so they can plan an offensive. They are cloaked whenever they are deployed, making them difficult to detect before it’s too late. In case that wasn’t enough, Sweepers remain stealthed even when firing their Golden Rockets, making them incredibly annoying if they are overlooking a cliff or other elevated terrain.

However, as terrifying as they can be, they have a few glaring weaknesses. The most important weakness is being unable to attack aircraft despite firing Golden Rockets. That may not sound like much at first, but remember this: Every other unit that fires Golden Rockets are capable of attacking aircraft... except this one. This means that if one Wolfhound or other flying unit happens to find a Sweeper, especially if it is moving, it can be dispatched before it can deal significant damage to an armored division. A lone Sweeper takes quite a long time to reload, only making them a real threat when they are amassed, and the fact that it is lightly armored for a Last Bastion unit doesn’t help all that much.


  • Effective against infantry and armored vehicles.
  • Cloaked when deployed.
  • Can attack without revealing.
  • Can ambush units without warning, especially those without detection capabilities.
  • Decent attack range.
  • Being a robot it's immune to mind control, hijacking, radiation and poison.
  • Amphibious.
  • Does not sink when disabled over water.
  • Fast movement speed when boosted by Spinblades.
  • Can receive firepower boost when near a deployed SODAR Array.
  • Fragile and lightly armored.
  • Slow reloading rate.
  • Cannot deploy and attack when over water.
  • Cannot target structures and aircraft.
  • Weak against stealth detection.
  • Must be stationary and deployed to attack.


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