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The Stratofortress is a campaign-exclusive support power that used by United States. It can call a Stratofortress to bombard the designated ground. It is the predecessor of the Harbinger that the Americans have never finished before.[1]


This situation calls for the deployment of our Stratofortress. It might not be enough to destroy the Amplifier, but it will definitely deal great damage to the Soviet forces. It is unfortunate we have never finished its successor, but we hope it aids you well.
—Allied intel during Operation: Beautiful Mind

Act One

  • In Beautiful Mind, the player will be able to call Stratofortress after retaking the Allies base.


  • In the Freedom Challenge, the 3 enemy US AI will constantly use Stratofortress to bombard the challengers' forces.



  1. Tanya in The Remnant: "What the.. Harbingers? Our military ceased work on them ages ago!"