The SteinsTech Tower is the headquarters of an European research facility responsible for the development of advanced Gap Generators.


In terms of gameplay, the SteinsTech Tower acts as a much more powerful version of the Prism Tower: a prism refractor, which is stronger and can fire from much farther, is mounted on its top.



  • Alongside the advanced Gap Generators, the SteinsTech Tower is one of the targets in Lights Out. All of them must be destroyed by the player-controlled Latin Confederation forces.


  • Three SteinsTech Towers appear in the Heavyobject Challenge. One of them guards the Epsilon base; the other two stand at the entrance to the innermost part of the enemy fortress along with the Eiffel Tower.


  • In Siegfried's Techzentrum, the SteinsTech Tower appears at the very centre. However, it can't be captured and serves only as a scenery prop.


  • The sound it emits is the same as the background noise for the mission loading screens in C&C Generals.
  • The building ID of SteinsTech Tower is [FTHQ], presumably a reference to FutureTech Corporation from Red Alert 3. SteinsTech bears resemblance to FutureTech as well.