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The SteinsTech Laboratory is the headquarters of SteinsTech, a cutting-edge technology research group headed by the late Albert Einstein’s protégé, Siegfried, during the Third World War. It is located deep inside the Black Forest, in the state of Baden, Germany, and is part of a complex which also includes a prototype Chronosphere and is guarded by European soldiers.



  • The SteinsTech Lab first appears in Ego Ergo Hax. The target of this mission is the Chronosphere, not the lab, which serves no gameplay purpose.

Act One

  • In Panic Cycle, the commander must escort the Battle Tortoise carrying the KI Scientists to the lab complex and then protect both the lab and the Chronosphere from the attacking Russians and Chinese. However, just as the Soviet attackers are wiped out, the Russians launch a MIDAS rocket, which destroys both the lab and the Chronosphere, exterminates the surviving Allied forces and destroys a large part of the Black Forest.