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The SteinsTech Hangar, located in London, UK, is the headquarters of the European Alliance, following the end of the Third World War and the confinement of the Allied Nations to the British Isles.


After the destruction of the SteinsTech Lab in the Black Forest, Germany, the remaining SteinsTech and Kanegawa Industries scientists relocate to London, where they continue working on the Paradox Project.

During Epsilon's raid on London two years later, Yuri chooses the SteinsTech Hangar as the primary target. Just as the Epsilon forces leave a trail of destruction through London and approach the SteinsTech Hangar, the Allies are forced to launch their trump card, the Paradox Engine, which activates the Time Freeze and exterminates the Epsilon forces before fleeing London.


Act Two

  • The SteinsTech Hangar only appears in Godsend. The objective of the mission is to destroy the Shield Command powering the Force Shield over it and then destroy the Hangar itself, but when said Shield Command is destroyed, the Paradox Engine will appear, use the Time Freeze and kills every last trace of Epsilon troops before the mission ends.