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—Stallion Transport

The Stallion Transport is the Allies' airborne infantry transport.

Official description

When the Bolsheviks took control of Russia after the October Revolution, they began to persecute religious followers as a part of the Communist manifesto, which had as ideological objective the removal of all religion. This resulted in thousands of people fleeing Russia to the United States.

One of them was Igor Sikorsky, who later set up the well known Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation. The Stallion Transport is one of Sikorsky's finest transport helicopters and a standard in all Allied armies. Its large passenger capacity, coupled with radar invisibility, allows it to easily insert infantry battalions behind enemy lines. Just be wary of anti-aircraft fire, as the helicopter can't take too much.[1]


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The Stallion Transport is the Allies' primary method of infantry transportation. Unlike the Borillo/Armadillo and Driller, they can fly, allowing them to transport infantry across any terrain quickly. They will land on any terrain except for uneven terrain and body of water. Another benefit that the Stallion Transport has is its invisibility on radar, allowing them to transport units undetected through a gap in the anti-air defenses, then deliver them into the heart of the base.

The most common strategy is deploying either Tanya, squads of Navy SEALs or Engineers to cause a ruckus on the enemy base.

However, they are unarmed and lightly armored so any anti-air will bring it down with ease.

AI behavior

Stallions controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:


  • 1x loaded with an Engineer proceed to unload near a captured Tech Oil Derricks before targeting it


  • 1x loaded with an Engineer proceed to unload near a neutral Tech Artillery Bunker before targeting it
  • 1x loaded with 3 Engineers proceed to unload near a Construction Yard before targeting it
  • 1x loaded with a Navy SEAL proceed to unload near a power plant (except Nuclear Reactor) before targeting it
  • USAicon.png 1x loaded with Tanya proceed to unload near an offensive superweapon (including Fake Psychic Dominator) or Plasmerizer before targeting it


Act One

  • Stallion Transport is introduced as a buildable unit in Eagle Fly Free.
  • In Happy Birthday, Michael Dugan and his personal bodyguards will try to evacuate via a Stallion Transport before he gets assassinated by Morales after the destruction of the Alamo. Once he enters it, the mission fails.
  • In Hammer to Fall, there is a Stallion Transport located in the prison camp, which will be used to carry the Spies. The player must keep it intact until the Mining Facility is infiltrated.

Act Two

  • In Huehuecoyotl, Rahn will evacuate via a Stallion Transport guarded by several Archers after his task finished.
  • In Power Hunger, Yunru will leave the map through a Stallion Transport if player spots her.

Special Ops

  • In Obstinate, there is a Stallion Transport on the east island which will be used to carry the KI Scientists to the other island. It must be kept intact until reaching the other island.
  • In Convergence, If you are choosing Siegfried after clear left island, he must use unmanned Stallion Transport to travel the right island.



  • Invisible on radar.
  • Can transport up to six infantry.
  • Flying transport allows loaded infantry to travel across any terrain quickly.
  • Passengers may survive and paradrop when destroyed.
  • Unarmed.
  • Lightly armored.
  • Vulnerable to aerial threats; and when grounded, ground threats.


  • The Stallion Transport's name is a reference to real-life CH-53 Stallion helicopters used by the U.S. military.

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