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The Spy Plane is a support power used by the Soviets from their Radar Dish to reveal unexplored areas on the battlefield through the help of a spy plane that flies at supersonic speed – too fast to be hit by any anti-air weapons. Only an active Blasticade can destroy a Spy Plane.

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Compared to its vanilla version, the Spy Plane's speed and "invulnerability" made it more efficient and reliable in surveillance duty. It was also more similar to its Red Alert 1counterpart than the aforementioned due to their flight patterns when revealing shroud (Yuri's Revenge version only flew in a straight line, while the Mental Omega and Red Alert 1 version flew in a circular manner).

AI behavior

The AI will use Spy Plane to target a clear space close to the center of the enemy base. If all enemies are defeated, the AI will target their own base, with the same circumstances.


Act One

Act Two

  • In Earthrise, Spy Plane is unavailable, due to not being adapted to the low gravity and lack of atmosphere of the Moon.


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