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Spooks are twisted creatures serving as Epsilon's reconnaissance unit, basically serving as a grotesque counterpart to the Allied and Soviet Attack Dogs.

Official description

Epsilon Spook are.. creatures, with a permanent bad temper due to the variety of experiments conducted on them and being the premier biological unit to be placed in Bio Reactors. Able to sniff out spies, maul infantry to death and traverse bodies of water, the spooky Spooks make great early scouts.[1]


Spooks fulfill a role that Yuri's army did not exactly have in the original Yuri's Revenge; a quick, cheap and amphibious scout in the early game able to chase down other Attack Dogs and tear lone infantry (especially Engineers) to shreds. Their ability to detect and kill infiltrators and other infantry instantly makes them important in all stages of a battle and combined with a Cloning Vats, they are able to outnumber infantry battalions and serve as cannon fodder as Viruses and Gatling weaponry finish off the remaining survivors.

Because they are the cheapest "infantry" of the Epsilon, they are the prime candidates for Bio Reactor placement. This common practice also deters the enemy from sending spies to sabotage the Epsilon base, as long as the proselyte is consistently aware of incoming spy operations and therefore release the Spooks within the Bio Reactors to hinder them.

Despite their appearance, they are statistically identical to Attack Dogs; therefore they share the same weaknesses, such as frail health and inability to harm certain infantry (especially Foehn ones), vehicles and structures (though the least the Spooks could do is become cannon fodder, as mentioned before).


Act Two

  • Spooks make their first appearance in The Conqueror. They have replaced Attack Dogs for Epsilon during the time period between the two acts.


  • Can kill most standard infantry instantly.
  • Fast movement speed.
  • Very cheap ($100).
  • Immune to mind-control.
  • Amphibious.
  • Can detect disguised enemies.
  • Excellent for early scouting purposes.
  • Can be used as a meat shield for other units, especially vehicles since Spooks are almost as fast as them.
  • Useless and helpless against vehicles, drones, ships and structures.
  • Very fragile, easy to kill with anti-infantry weapons.
  • Some well-armored infantry, for instance Siege Cadre, Tesla Trooper, Brute and most Foehn infantry, are immune to Spook attacks.
  • Can only attack at close range. As a result, sometimes a Spook will either kill or severely injure itself after killing infantry units that can explode (Crazy IvanSaboteur etc.)
  • Susceptible to friendly fire when charging and attacking enemy infantry that are being fired upon by allies.


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