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Spatha Defense System is a structure used by the Epsilon Army for intercepting intercontinental and even planetary missile strikes. The Spatha is a result from reverse-engineering the Allies' Gladius Defense System, as well as studying the Soviets' Topol-M missiles.[1]

For all the protection it offers, it suffers the same weakness as the Gladius: a single Tactical Nuke is enough to destroy one of these systems if it is not shielded by an Iron Curtain.


These towers are clearly based on our Gladius and.. target space. But why?
—Allied intel during Operation: Withershins

Act Two

  • 7 Spatha Defense Systems are the main target to destroy in Fatal Impact. The first squad led by Volkov and Chitzkoi need to destroy one, and the other two forces led by Reznov and Krukov need to destroy 3 for each teams. Additionally, the deepest 3 Spatha Defense Systems will be permanently protected until Volkov enters the Psionic Converter to disable their Iron Curtain shield system. However, these last Spathas will be rendered invulnerable by an Iron Curtain if a Tactical Nuke is launched against them, forcing them to be destroyed through other means.
  • Several Spatha Defense Systems also appear in Withershins and Babel, but they play no gameplay role there.


  • Spatha is a type of straight long sword used by the Roman Empire which replaces the gladius (from which the Gladius Defense System is named after).
  • The Spatha Defense System's visual appearance looks similar to one of the Psychic Dominator's early concept art.


  1. Fatal Impact briefing: "The madman has already made use of the tech from the British Isles and, quite possibly after studying our Topol missiles, constructed an interceptor network of his own!"