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The Space Commando is an Epsilon super soldier stationed on the moon base.


The Space Commando has a truly ridiculous amount of hit points and is equipped with an atomic cannon similar to that of the Nuwa Cannon but slightly less powerful and an EMP cannon similar to that of the Seitaad Ballista, making him a bane to most ground targets. In addition, he's also invisible unless when attacking and cannot be instantly killed by Terror Drones; against him, they're forced to use their claws, which are much less effective. However, this rule does not apply to Chitzkoi: the robotic dog can still instantly eliminate him with one bite.

Soviet intel, debriefing to the Soviet General, noted that the Space Commando's voice is surprisingly familiar and has a match in their database. It is later revealed that Yuri had taken the remains of a Soviet hero that had fallen during the Third Great War and attempted to replicate the technologies used to create Volkov not to raise an army of cyborgs loyal to Epsilon, but rather experiment with psychokinetic powers to overcome the advantages of mind control immunity that cybernetic organisms possess. Yuri's newly found skill was demonstrated shortly after the Soviets saturated the outer perimeters of Moscow with orbital strikes as he himself personally took control of Volkov and forced him to serve the Epsilon Army.

If spawned in any mission or skirmish outside of his campaign appearance, such as with the FinalOmega map editor, the Space Commando's hitpoints are vastly reduced to the point of being less than a tenth of his health during the campaign, presumably to discourage cheaters from abusing the unit in multiplayer.

Firing cycle

The following is the Space Commando's firing cycle:

  • 4 atomic cannon shots
  • 1 EMP cannon shot
  • Repeat.

Exploiting this is important to kill the Space Commando in one hit with Chitzkoi.


Act Two

  • In Earthrise, the player will be warned that the Space Commando is communicating with the Epsilon base before going quiet. He will eventually open fire at the player's units from the high ground of the main Epsilon base once discovered on any difficulty.


  • The Space Commando is among the enemy forces in Deception Challenge patrolling the Epsilon bases. Unlike his campaign appearance, he's much easier to kill, also cloaked.