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The Naval Shipyard is where the Soviet navy are assembled and maintained. It can also deploy naval mines around the battlefield as a deterrent to enemy ships.

Official description

A must on any battlefield with large bodies of water. The Soviet Naval Shipyard allows for the construction of Soviet ships and submersibles, and easily repairs any damaged vessels. The more Shipyards a commander has on the field, the faster ships are built.[1]


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The Soviet Naval Shipyard provides the following support power:

Support power Description
Type: Defensive Power
Cost: $400
Recharge Time: 3:30

Deploys a Naval Mine near a Naval Shipyard
Naval mines leave radiation on detonation
Strong vs. Infantry, Armor

Left-click icon then left-click on target location near a Naval Shipyard

The Soviet Naval Shipyard also builds the Soviet navy, which consists of the following:

Unit Description
  • Abilities:
    • Transport ground units with 12 passenger slots
    • Amphibious
    • Armed with twin flak cannons
Basic Submarine. Strong vs. Armor.
  • Abilities:
    • Detects cloaked units
    • Submerged
    • Deploy to switch between Type-O or Type-T torpedoes
Light Ship. Strong vs. Infantry, Aircraft.
Medium Ship. Strong vs. Infantry, Armor.
Suicide Ship. Strong vs. Ground Targets.
Capital Submarine. Strong vs. Structures.
  • Requires Russiaicon.png Palace
  • Projectiles can be shot down
  • Abilities:
    • Submerged
    • Detects cloaked units
Capital Ship. Strong vs. Structures.

AI behavior

If Mental AI Boost is enabled, the AI will build a certain amount of Naval Shipyards depending on the difficulty (1 max for Easy, 2 max for Normal, 3 max for Hard).


Act One

  • The Soviet Naval Shipyard first appears as a buildable structure in Side Effect.

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