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Soviet Co-op01 Needlehead.png
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After a series of victorious battles, the Latin Confederation aims to conquer the city of Seattle next to secure the West Coast. Heavy taskforces are sent to take control of the area.

Burned Alive

Soviet Co-op02 Burnedalive.png
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The Pacific Front has attacked Russia in two places at once. Vladivostok held, Dalnegorsk has fallen. A brave group of Pyros wish to purge the enemy, but they need commanders.

Role Reversal

Soviet Co-op03 Rolereversal.png
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The Latin Confederation is commencing its own attack on Europe from the west. They must clear the shore to make way for approaching transports. Europe will be in their grasp.

Ravages of War

Soviet Co-op04 Ravagesofwar.png
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By taking out the Allied forces in Copenhagen, the Soviets intend to weaken their navy on the Baltic. With many parts of the city already under control, they plan a final strike.

Lights Out

Soviet Co-op05 Lightsout.png
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The Allies have three major facilities the Soviets plan to strike. The first is a research complex where the next generation of advanced Gap Generators are being produced.

Thunder God

Soviet Co-op06 Thundergod.png
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The second facility, a Thor Gunship production site has been located by the Soviets. The Allies are working on a new prototype of Thor that poses a major threat to the Soviets.

Ego Ergo Hax

Soviet Co-op07 Egoergohax.png
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At third facility, SteinsTech is nearing completion of their next-gen Chronosphere prototype. The Chinese struggle to slow its development down by sending Yunru to hack it.


Soviet Co-op08 Repentance.png
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The Allies are preparing their fleet in the port of Amsterdam for a massive counterattack. The Soviets plan to destroy their Naval Shipyards in a surprise attack from the sea.


Soviet Co-op09 Combustion.png
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While the Allies were battling the Soviets in Southern France, they took control over a massive napalm storage unit. Morales and two Confederation taskforces are sent to recover it.

Money Source

Soviet Co-op10 Moneysource.png
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The Allies have an important ore mining site where they have also constructed their Ore Purifiers to acquire more resources. To weaken their enemy, the Soviets intend to destroy it.


Soviet Co-op11 Cyberanatomy.png
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Shortly after the Soviet alliance is reformed, Reznov and Krukov receive a worrisome message from an agent within the Chinese lands about suspicious activity in the Xinjiang region.


Soviet Co-op12 Intoxicated.png
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An unusual activity has been observed in what used to be one of the Soviet bases in Spain after it was raided by Yuri's commandos. Reznov and Krukov are sent to investigate.