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Currently, the Soviet missions are divided into four types: Act One, Act Two, Special Operations and Cooperative. There are 42 released Soviet missions in total, including 30 campaigns and 12 cooperative missions.

Bleed Red

Soviet 01 Bleedred.png

Main article: Bleed Red

The Soviet invasion on the United States has commenced, with New York City being one of their first targets. The Russians attempt to destroy the Statue of Liberty in an attempt to crush American morale as they make their way inland.

Golden Gate

Soviet 02 Goldengate.png

Main article: Golden Gate

Attacking from all sides, the Soviets launch a naval assault on San Francisco. The PsiCorps division has requested the complete elimination of the city's anti-aircraft defenses in order to proceed with their work on Alcatraz Island.

Happy Birthday

Soviet 03 Happybirthday.png

Main article: Happy Birthday

In order to break the chain of command, Romanov's chief adviser Yuri has requested an assassination of the U.S. president. With Latin Confederation's forces closing on the Alamo, the sharp shooter Colonel José Arcadio Morales moves in for the kill.

Side Effect

Soviet 04 Sideeffect.png

Main article: Side Effect

In a surprise assault, the Pacific Front has commenced an invasion on Vladivostok. With China being too slow to react, the Russians are now forced to defend their motherland with what little forces they have on the eastern coast.

Peace Treaty

Soviet 05 Peacetreaty.png

Main article: Peace Treaty

In order to prevent a war of attrition, the Soviets begin to utilize PsiCorps technology on a larger scale in order to control the populace of several cities. Russian troops arrive in St. Louis to prepare the grounds for a Psychic Beacon, a new mind control device of Yuri.


Soviet 06 Recharger.png

Main article: Recharger

While the French and German armies gather at the Polish border to prepare for a full-on Soviet invasion, the now resurrected Russian super soldier Volkov and his cybernetic dog Chitzkoi are sent on a covert mission to wreak havoc in Paris.

Idle Gossip

Soviet 07 Idlegossip.png

Main article: Idle Gossip

With the American army on the brink of defeat, the Soviets turn their attention to a joint operations base in Canada where the Pacific Front and the Euro Alliance still attempt to salvage and coordinate whatever remains of the American forces.

Death From Above

Soviet 08 Deathfromabove.png

Main article: Death From Above

In light of the United States' military collapsing, the Pacific Front is attempting to take control of the Mercury Satellite Uplink in Hawaii. Not wanting such a powerful weapon to fall in enemy hands, the Soviets have decided to destroy the uplink.

Road to Nowhere

Soviet 09 Roadtonowhere.png

Main article: Road to Nowhere

The Soviets have managed to salvage two Topol-M platforms from Gelendzhik and are preparing to deploy them. The Allies are using their still unstable Chronosphere device in a desperate attack to prevent the ICBMs from launching.

The Lunatic

Soviet 10 TheLunatic.png

Main article: The Lunatic

A Psychic Beacon in the Chinese lands has been captured by the very rebels it was seemingly supposed to control. Surprised by its presence in an ally's homeland, to resolve this crisis Russia realizes unconventional tactics will have to be used in order to succeed and destroy the device.


Soviet 11 Unshakeable.png

Main article: Unshakeable

The Russians uncover information referring to a secret operation targeting the Japanese weapons developer, Kanegawa Industries. To confront the facts, the Russians attempt to capture the KI Assembly in Japan and acquire all of their technology for themselves.


Soviet 12 Dragonstorm.png

Main article: Dragonstorm
Once again the Russians must defend their homeland in a clash of titans as their enemy attempts to deny them victory. A powerful army has isolated the Primorsky Krai from the rest of the country and have imprisoned the Russian heroes, Volkov and Chitzkoi.

The Raven

Soviet 13 TheRaven.png

Main article: The Raven

After months of moderate peace and quiet in the Soviet States of America an emergency alert is raised as the Soviets believe the rebel forces, the remnants of the Allied army, are planning a counterattack on Stalington using everything they've still got.

Awake and Alive

Soviet 14 Awakeandalive.png

Main article: Awake and Alive

The uprising against the Soviet dominion continues but events take an unexpected turn and don't leave the Red Army with too many choices. Two brave Soviet colonels arrive on the battlefield to save the situation.

Exist to Exit

Soviet 15 Existtoexit.png

Main article: Exist to Exit

As Morales becomes a target of Yuri's assassination squads, he sends out a distress signal from Rio de Janeiro to what's left of the main Soviet Command in America. The Soviets deploy a limited taskforce to protect and evacuate him from the site.


Soviet 16 Firewalking.png

Main article: Firewalking

Yuri wants to restart the Psychic Amplifier project, with one of them newly built in the desolated area of Chicago. With nowhere to run, the Soviets race with the American rebels to capture the device before it is activated and the conquered grounds are completely lost.


Soviet 17 Juggernaut.png

Main article: Juggernaut

The Russians receive an offer from the Chinese government to combine their forces in the fight against Yuri's army in Eurasia as an attempt to reestablish good relations between the countries. Negotiations begin in Singapore, but the PsiCorps forces lurk nearby.


Soviet 18 Heartwork.png

Main article: Heartwork

Newly gained intelligence reveals existence of facilities in which the Chinese are researching a new kind of weapon based on the skeleton of rebuilt hero Volkov, a fact that violates the recently signed treaty. The Russians begin their infiltration and send forces to investigate.

Power Hunger

Soviet 19 Powerhunger.png

Main article: Power Hunger

In an unexpected turn of events, the Soviets find themselves in a desperate need of cybernetic weaponry and advanced EMP tech to fight back against Yuri. In order to acquire them, the Soviets decide to take over a Chinese military complex in Shanghai, posing as victims of Yuri's mind control.

Thread of Dread

Soviet 20 Threadofdread.png

Main article: Thread of Dread

Intel acquired from the Chinese Military Headquarters in Shanghai reveals to the Soviets the existence of a fully automatized siege machine and an array of Iron Curtain-based weapons, developed by the Chinese scientist Yunru. They send forces to its location, only to find out they are already active.


Soviet 21 Meltdown.png

Main article: Meltdown

Tricked, the Soviets have one last chance at regaining the upper hand over their enemies. Having successfully reconnected with their satellite network over Europe, thanks to the Chinese tech, the Russians locate a base in the snows, which appears to equip and launch rockets into space for Yuri.


Soviet 22 Earthrise.png

Main article: Earthrise

Using the rockets stolen from Leninsk Cosmodrome, Yuri was able to prepare grounds for a command base on the Moon. After seizing two of his own space vessels, the Soviets send a taskforce to deal with the threat before the base becomes operational, only to learn of its true purpose.

Fatal Impact

Soviet 23 Fatalimpact.png

Main article: Fatal Impact

The intel acquired from Yuri's command base on the Moon has made it clear - he is currently hiding in Moscow. The Soviets mobilize all of their forces, both in space and on the ground, to launch a major offensive on the Epsilon Army's positions in Russia in order to liberate their homeland.

Death's Hand

Soviet 24 Deathshand.png

Main article: Death's Hand
The colossal attack results in death and destruction, but the direct road to Moscow is now open for the Soviet forces to cross. The Kremlin, where Yuri resides, is in sight, but the Soviets must be wary of the many tricks he still has up his sleeve. This is the final hour, and the last battle.


Soviet SO Archetype.png

Main article: Archetype

Ten years before the war, as the moods of Russian people are changing unfavorably for the Allied forces residing in Russia's territories, two skilled soldiers arrive at the site of American laboratories in Ukraine, where its habitants begin to leave the area.


Soviet SO Eclipse.png

Main article: Eclipse

The Chinese forces have begun their march through Kagoshima to acquire the technology created by the Kanegawa Industries. As they are approaching the K.I. facilities, which store prototype Future Tanks, a Pacific Front army stationed there refuses to surrender. A battle is inevitable.

Trophy Hunter

Soviet SO Trophyhunter.png

Main article: Trophy Hunter

With the Russian-Chinese alliance broken, the forces in Europe have engaged in combat. To preserve their strength and prepare for the defense of their critical positions, the Chinese have begun partial evacuation from the European theatre. However, the enemy ambushes them in Santander.

Noise Severe

Soviet SO Noisesevere.png

Main article: Noise Severe

As the day of negotiation approaches, one of the sides requests the release of long-time prisoners captured by the Russians during the times of conflict as one of the conditions. The Russians agree, however, it appears not all involved are keen on releasing the prisoners. Not those controlled by Yuri.


Soviet SO Dawnbreaker.png

Main article: Dawnbreaker

After Yuri's location has been pinpointed, the Russian forces remaining on the ground have regrouped and entered their homeland to aid the main force in the final attack. A long hard road through Ural Mountains awaits them, but an Apocalypse construction complex is a chance to make it easier.

Brothers in Arms

Soviet SO Brothersinarms.png

Main article: Brothers in Arms
As the attempts to reclaim lands in Russia are made, Stalingrad becomes an important target. The city has been transformed into a large Epsilon production facility, and home to one of Psychic Amplifiers. A combined task force of Russian and Confederation units goes ahead to retake the city.


Soviet Co-op01 Needlehead.png

Main article: Needlehead

After a series of victorious battles, the Latin Confederation aims to conquer the city of Seattle next to secure the West Coast. Heavy taskforces are sent to take control of the area.

Burned Alive

Soviet Co-op02 Burnedalive.png

Main article: Burned Alive

The Pacific Front has attacked Russia in two places at once. Vladivostok held, Dalnegorsk has fallen. A brave group of Pyros wish to purge the enemy, but they need commanders.

Role Reversal

Soviet Co-op03 Rolereversal.png

Main article: Role Reversal

The Latin Confederation is commencing its own attack on Europe from the west. They must clear the shore to make way for approaching transports. Europe will be in their grasp.

Ravages of War

Soviet Co-op04 Ravagesofwar.png

Main article: Ravages of War

By taking out the Allied forces in Copenhagen, the Soviets intend to weaken their navy on the Baltic. With many parts of the city already under control, they plan a final strike.

Lights Out

Soviet Co-op05 Lightsout.png

Main article: Lights Out

The Allies have three major facilities the Soviets plan to strike. The first is a research complex where the next generation of advanced Gap Generators are being produced.

Thunder God

Soviet Co-op06 Thundergod.png

Main article: Thunder God

The second facility, a Thor Gunship production site has been located by the Soviets. The Allies are working on a new prototype of Thor that poses a major threat to the Soviets.

Ego Ergo Hax

Soviet Co-op07 Egoergohax.png

Main article: Ego Ergo Hax

At third facility, SteinsTech is nearing completion of their next-gen Chronosphere prototype. The Chinese struggle to slow its development down by sending Yunru to hack it.


Soviet Co-op08 Repentance.png

Main article: Repentance

The Allies are preparing their fleet in the port of Amsterdam for a massive counterattack. The Soviets plan to destroy their Naval Shipyards in a surprise attack from the sea.


Soviet Co-op09 Combustion.png

Main article: Combustion

While the Allies were battling the Soviets in Southern France, they took control over a massive napalm storage unit. Morales and two Confederation taskforces are sent to recover it.

Money Source

Soviet Co-op10 Moneysource.png

Main article: Money Source

The Allies have an important ore mining site where they have also constructed their Ore Purifiers to acquire more resources. To weaken their enemy, the Soviets intend to destroy it.


Soviet Co-op11 Cyberanatomy.png

Main article: Cyberanatomy

Shortly after the Soviet alliance is reformed, Reznov and Krukov receive a worrisome message from an agent within the Chinese lands about suspicious activity in the Xinjiang region.


Soviet Co-op12 Intoxicated.png

Main article: Intoxicated
An unusual activity has been observed in what used to be one of the Soviet bases in Spain after it was raided by Yuri's commandos. Reznov and Krukov are sent to investigate.