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—The Soviet General's final warning before succumbing to mind control effect

The Protagonist Soviet General[1] is the player character in the Soviet Act One and Act Two missions.

Lorewise, he is an extremely talented Russian general of the Third Great War and later, the Mental Omega War. He served the Soviet Union during both conflicts as a field commander.

Little is known of the general's life, as almost all information about him is a state secret of the Soviet Union.


Prior to his deployment to the American front, the Soviet General is known as a top graduate in the Soviet Military Academy.[2]

At the end of the Mental Omega War, he, along with the rest of the Soviet Union on Earth, became brainwashed puppets to the Epsilon Army, but not before warning the Soviet forces stationed on the moon to not return to Moscow.


  • The Soviet player becoming the Premier of the Soviet Union at the end of the (albeit not canon) Soviet campaigns is a tradition in the Red Alert series. It is the case in each base game.

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