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The Airbase is an important Soviet structure which allows them to deploy fighters to provide air support.

Official description

Many long years have passed before the Soviets were able to restore their mighty airforce. Initially, during the Soviet invasion of the United States, the Red Army resorted to using giant blimps to bombard enemy positions from the skies but not many jets were seen. Finally after their attack on the American aeronautics complexes all over the country, necessary tech was acquired to develop the next-gen of Soviet jet fighters. The Soviet Airbase exists to produce and maintain them.[1]


The Soviet Airbase builds and rearms the following aircraft:

Unit Description
Fighter Jet. Strong vs. Infantry, Armor.
  • Has 2 ammunition
  • Abilities:
    • Missiles can hit additional random targets
Support Bomber Jet.
  • Requires Field Bureau
  • Has 4 ammunition
  • Abilities:
    • Smoke bombs weaken the firepower of enemy units by 50%, but cannot directly harm them

AI behavior

The AI will only build a maximum of 2 Airbases on all difficulties.

Curiously, the AI will build only a maximum of 1 Airbase if their difficulty is set to Easy and Mental AI Boost is enabled.


Looks like the Soviets are building new Airfields. They are trying to restore their air force!
—Allied intel during Operation: Wrong Side

Act One

  • The Airbase first becomes buildable from Chinese base in Think Different.
  • In Wrong Side, the Allied intel will express surprise about the rebuilt Soviet Airbases.
  • Though the Soviets have already gained access to Airbase since Ravages of War, it cannot be built by Soviet General until Unshakeable, after taking control of the Chinese base.
  • In Singularity, Airbase is one of the targets that needs to be destroyed.

Act Two

  • In Awake and Alive, after the Soviet General reaches the Kirov Command Airship , the Airbase will become controllable, with 4 veteran Foxtrots at the ready.
  • In Machinehead, the initial objective is to secure four Chinese Airbases and accumulate enough credits to build 16 Foxtrots in order to destroy the Centurion Siege Crawler. If one is destroyed, the mission will end in failure.
  • In Earthrise, the Airbase is unbuildable, as neither Foxtrots nor Dustdevils are adapted to function on the Moon.

Behind the scenes

  • In 3.0 the Airbase was a campaign-exclusive building (see Soviet Airbase/Old for detailed information), and produces the Hailfox, the predecessor of the Foxtrot and effectively a Chinese exclusive unit. The radar function was then provided by the Radar Tower.
  • From version 3.3.0 to 3.3.4, the Airbase provides radar and Spy Plane support power to the owner. It also had a little different sprite (see Gallery).

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