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The Sonic Emitter is Foehn's basic anti-infantry defensive structure.

It sets itself apart from its other counterparts in which it can shoot through walls and can damage light vehicles better, but needs to be powered.

Official description

The Sonic Emitter fills the basic defense slot in the Foehn's tech tree. It is the only basic defense capable of firing through walls, thanks to the design of its weapon: a sonic wave, emitted through a uniquely crafted crystal, which amplifies its power and makes it deadly to enemy infantry and rather effective against light vehicles as well. This ability comes at a cost: it is slightly more expensive than, for example, Pillbox or Sentry Gun, and requires power to function.[1]


The Sonic Emitter is the Foehn Revolt's basic defense against light incursions. Utilizing powerful sonic waves, it can deal moderate damage to both infantry and light vehicles. Unlike the Pillbox and Sentry Gun, they require power to function similar to the Gatling Cannon. Sonic Emitters are capable of dealing more damage to infantry and light vehicles than their counterparts, and their range is also slightly greater than the aforementioned defensive emplacements.

One of the main traits of this defensive structure compared to their counterparts from other factions is the ability to shoot through walls. This makes them effective when deployed behind walls, as the barriers can reduce the chances of taking incoming fire and minimizing damage done to them.

They are still no match against heavily armored vehicles, so Foehn commanders should not rely on them alone to defend their settlements.

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