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Make some waves!
—Siren Frigate

The Siren-class frigate, known in-game as Siren Frigate, is a naval unit used by the Allied Nations.

Official description

Due to frequent battles against Yuri's submerged fleets, the Allies had to design a new element of their navy, to prevent his subs from submerging and disappearing before anyone could even react. Thus, their scientists pulled a concept of a more powerful version of the Chrono Legionnaire's weapon on a new ship.

Equipped with a neutron blaster, the Siren lures passing ships into danger. Based on Kanegawa Industries' negation field technology, a new type of passive defense has been developed exclusively for this ship. When under enemy fire, it can pull the neutron blaster back and release the "Negation Shield", turning any damage dealt to the Siren into a reconstructive effect. However, its long-term eruption will put the Siren in an overloaded state and continuously damage its interior systems, so the Allied commanders have to pay attention when to make use of the Siren's unique features to prevent its self-destruction.[1]


The Siren's negation shield won't reverse negative firepower (from Suppressors or Warpnodes) a second time.

EMP effects won't cancel the Siren's negation shield, but will stop its self-destruction.


The culmination of joint work of K.I. and SteinsTech, the Siren can warp enemy ships away. In danger, switch to its secondary mode to prevent enemy units from dealing any damage.
—Allied intel during Operation: Stormbringer

In the campaign, the Siren Frigate is unlocked by any Allied tier 2 access building and a Tech Center, instead of the Experimental Warpshop.

Act Two

  • Siren Frigate is introduced as a buildable unit in Stormbringer.



  • The Siren Frigate is named after a mythological sea creature of the same name known for using its song to lure unfortunate sailors to the depths of the ocean.