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The Signal Jammer is a Haihead support power available from their Cyberkernel once its expansion is added, which works just like the Signal Inhibitor. It jams enemy transmission signals, preventing support powers from being used in a large radius around the targeted location for a period of time. While it also prevents the use of superweapons, it does not stop reconnaissance powers from being used.

Compared to the Signal Inhibitor, Signal Jammer has a slightly smaller radius but can be used anywhere and its usage is completely free.

AI behavior

The AI will use Signal Jammer at the center of their own base (near their Construction Yard).



  • In the Endurance Challenge, all enemy Foehn AIs can us Signal Jammers with slots of 3 for each to protect their bases.


See also

  • Raccoon - unit that utilizes a miniature signal jammer
  • Hovracoon - Haihead variant of the Raccoon
  • Signal Inhibitor - stationary defense that constantly protects an area from support powers and superweapons as long as there is power.