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The Signal Inhibitor is a Foehn support structure that prevents enemy commanders or proselytes from using any support powers in the immediate area around the Inhibitor, rendering Foehn bases safe from such threats. It does not, however, block the use of reconnaissance support powers.

Official description

The Foehn Revolt has no problems with breaking into other commander's control protocols, thanks to its advanced supercomputers, a strongly developed artificial intelligence system and a few talented people behind it all. Basing some of their research and new weapon designs on intel acquired directly from their enemies' command posts and preserved data from the past, they've been able to come up with a device like no other. This device, called the Signal Inhibitor, disrupts the targeting signals, which are given to their enemies' support power and superweapon control systems, and block the transmission of coordinate information from the commanders themselves.

To put it shortly, the Signal Inhibitor will not allow for any support power or superweapon to be launched within its area of effect, as long as it is powered. The only exceptions to its influence are the scout powers.[1]


Being a jamming defense for the Foehn, like the Allied Gap Generator and Soviet Sensor Tower, the role of this defense is to interfere with the opponent's attack on the base. But the difference is that the Signal Inhibitor does not interfere with enemy radar, but prevents them from deploying most of their support powers within range, despite of cannot prevent recon support powers like the Sensor Tower.

Signal Inhibitor can play a great role in blocking the base from superweapons and offensive support power attacks, but its biggest drawback is that it consumes so much power that player must add more Windtraps to make up for this.

If Foehn players want to deploy a more complete signal inhibiting network in the base, adjusting the positions of Signal Inhibitors and Raccoons appropriately could be a good idea. However, this also means that players may face a more aggressive frontal attack.

AI behavior

The AI has the ability to build Signal Inhibitors that requires a Reprocessor rather than a Tier 3 technology expansion.

Depending on the difficulty, the AI will only build a certain amount of Signal Inhibitors. Easy AI will build a maximum of 1 Signal Inhibitor, while Medium and Hard AI will build a maximum of 2.

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