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Siegfried is the hero of the Euro Alliance and the founder of SteinsTech[1].

Official description

Siegfried is known as a close associate of the late Albert Einstein. Though Einstein believed his technology should primarily be used for peaceful purposes, Siegfried has set out into the field to show that it is essential to weaponize Einstein's technology in order to protect the free world.

On the battlefield, Siegfried is the man that pilots the "Zeitgeist", a massive craft that wields some of the Alliance's most advanced chrono-technology. He can bombard enemies from a great distance with a cutting edge weapon that creates a small, unstable chrono vortex, inflicting a huge amount of damage to anyone caught up in it. When ordered to deploy, Siegfried creates a large, stable chrono-field, that temporarily phases himself and all friendly units in the area, out of this plane of existence, becoming completely impervious to most outside influence. However, phasing out makes any movement impossible. Due to the bulkiness and weight of his craft, Siegfried can't fit into most smaller transports and cannot cross water. Despite that, he can still make use of Allied air transports.[2]


Commander, if we are outnumbered, I can stall some more units around me, with the chrono bubble. But make sure you send more reinforcements quickly!
—Siegfried discusses his chrono freeze ability in Zero Signal

An extreme demonstration of Siegfried's chrono freeze ability. His deploy ability can render friendly units invulnerable, but unable to act.

Siegfried is an effective siege hero capable of dealing long range bombardment to his enemies. His weapon fires a powerful, unstable chrono vortex that deals area damage and is highly effective against densely-packed enemy groups or structures.

Furthermore, Siegfried can deploy to create a chrono-field. This field makes himself and surrounding allies temporarily invulnerable to any type of damage, however unable to act and move.

However, Siegfried moves fairly slow due to the bulkiness of his weapon. He cannot be loaded into an Archon AMC and cannot operate its weapon from inside transports. Despite its floating Zeitgeist craft, Siegfried cannot travel across water. Besides that, Siegfried's weapon has a slow firing rate and is unable to fire at any air units. While he is immune to Attack Dogs and Spooks, Terror Drones are particularly threatening to his survival (especially if he is not escorted) as they are fast enough to evade his Zeitgeist Cannon easily.

AI behavior

Siegfried controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:

All difficulties

  • 1x targeting everything, accompanied by 2 Siege Cadres

The AI is not programmed to use Siegfried's deploy ability.


Commander, the founder of SteinsTech, Siegfried, has arrived to assist you. He is equipped with an experimental long range chrono vortex weapon.
—Allied intel during Operation: Zero Signal

Act One

There's no way we can let these Russians have the Professor's secrets!
—Siegfried during Operation: Panic Cycle

Siegfried is introduced alongside the rest of the Euro Alliance to retake the Radar Domes and neutralise the Soviet Tactical Nuke Silo. He can be defeated without compromising the mission.

At the start of the mission, Siegfried accompanies the Battle Tortoise carrying K.I. Scientists and the MCV and leads a small task force to escort them to the SteinsTech Laboratory. If he falls down throughout the mission, he will reappear next to the SteinsTech Laboratory, but will no longer be controlled by the player. He is one of the very few survivors when the MIDAS hits.

  • See: Panic Cycle

  • Siegfried will arrive at player's base a while after the mission starts.

  • See: Sunlight

  • Act Two

    Siegfried, utilizing his personal chrono backpack suit (see Gallery) instead of the Zeitgeist craft, rescues Tanya from Soviet captivity. He starts at elite rank and has to survive throughout the mission.

    At the beginning of the mission, Siegfried is chronoshifted into a mind-controlled Allied base and clears the Epsilon presence, giving a chance for an Engineer to capture the Psychic Beacon, reverting the Allied base under their control. He can be defeated without compromising the mission.

  • See: Puppet Master

  • Siegfried and Norio help protect a Weather Control Device and later help clearing the Virgin Islands of PsiCorps presence. Defeat of both heroes will not compromise mission failure.

  • See: Stormbringer

  • At the beginning of the mission, Siegfried and his initial group will clear the beachhead with the aid of the Paradox Engine's Time Freeze. He's the first of the three Allied heroes to arrive. If he is defeated, he'll be transported to the Paradox Engine to recover, then respawn after a few minutes.

  • See: Insomnia

  • At the beginning of the mission, Siegfried is among the Allied vanguard sent to destroy the Epsilon HQ base lying between the Allies and their target. If he is defeated, he will reappear through chronoshift against the Epsilon forces after treatment minutes later.

  • See: Unthinkable

  • Siegfried joins the fray during the second phase of the mission and becomes controllable, and will return to the battlefield a while after fainted. Upon completing the mission, Siegfried and Tanya enters the tunnel underneath the Mental Omega Device to cripple its last defenses.

  • See: Withershins

  • In the first phase, Siegfried and Tanya are asked to destroy the last Mental Dynamo protecting the Mental Omega Device in a fortified Epsilon tunnel, and both must survive the first phase of the mission. However, if he falls throughout the second phase of the mission, he'll be transported to the Paradox Engine to recover, then respawn after treatment minutes later. In the final stage of the mission, Siegfried will be using his personal chrono backpack suit, but if he falls in this stage, he will switch to his Zeitgeist craft once he respawns. He is eventually killed by Rahn after chronoshifting the Professor's legacy to an American base in Alaska.

  • See: Hamartia

  • In Stage IV, Siegfried appears as an enemy protecting the Allied Commander's base. In Stage VI, he appears with using his personal chrono backpack suit, and he will switch to his Zeitgeist craft once he respawns.

  • See: Babel

  • Special Ops

    the player can command Siegfried to destroy the Tech Artillery Bunkers and Coal Plants aside the Panama Canal. Before evacuating, Siegfried must stay alive and act alone on the left bank of the canal. If he is trapped by Magnetron, the mission will fail.

    In the first phase of the mission, Siegfried does not use the "Zeitgeist" device but used his own upgraded chrono backpack to disable the Dybbuk Hives with Tanya and a task force, and cooperate with the European Alliance regiment to destroy the local Epsilon base after all Hives are disabled. During the mission, only one of the heroes is allowed to fall down at most and to be sent back to the Paradox Engine for treatment. When the first phase ends, the two will return to the Paradox Engine.

  • See: Parasomnia

  • Cooperative

    Siegfried is present among the enemy Euro Alliance forces. He's meant to be avoided by the player (who only has PsiCorps Troopers, light infantry and vehicles) and will leave battlefield along the road later.

    Siegfried accompanies Tanya and several brave Allied forces to defend the SteinsTech Academy from the invading Russian and Chinese forces. Defeat of both heroes will not compromise mission failure.

  • See: Blut Royale

  • Siegfried is one of the guards around the Supercharged Paradox Battery.

  • See: Backbitten

  • Assessment

    • Effective against tanks, buildings and infantry.
    • Cannon deals heavy damage in a medium area.
    • Long range.
    • Quite durable.
    • Can deploy to make himself and all units around him invulnerable.
    • Cannot be crushed at all.
    • Can detect cloaked and submerged units.
    • Can self-heal.
    • Immune to chrono weapons.
    • Being a hero, cannot be mind-controlled and abducted, as well as immune to confusion rays.
    • Vulnerable to EMP and magnetic weapons.
    • Cannot enter any IFVs as it takes two slots.
    • Chrono freeze makes affected units unable to act.
    • Exploitable minimum range.
    • Cannot operate its weapon from inside the transports.
    • Not amphibious.
    • Slow rate of fire.
    • Mediocre speed.
    • Cannot attack aircraft.
    • Only one may be present at a time.
    • Very hard to promote. Only kills from the cannon's first impacts count.


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