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The Shin Tsurugi Decimator[1] is an ill-fated Pacific Front epic unit, only two of which were made before its data was deleted by traitors.


Special Ops

  • The two Shin Tsurugi Decimators only appear in Digital Demon.
    • Soon after the mission begins, the traitors will activate the first one and upgrade it at a Repair Crane in the western part of the map. The upgrade increases the Shin Tsurugi Decimator's firepower by 300%, armor by 120% and speed by 80%; it will then choose one of three routes to patrol. Destroying it is one of the mission objectives.
    • The second Decimator is located next to the Kanegawa Assembly in the western part of the map. The player is tasked with sending a K.I. Scientist to the Assembly to extract its data, which turns out to have already been deleted by the traitors. As a result, the Pacific Front had no choice but to destroy it as well. However, this Decimator can be used against the traitors if certain steps are taken. The procedure to do this is an easter egg; further explanation can be found on the Digital Demon page.


  1. In Japanese, "" (shin) means "new" and "" (tsurugi) means a kind of "sword". See also: Tsurugi.