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The Shield Command is an essential structure for the European Alliance, which grants access to more advanced technologies and defensive support powers.

Official description

The Shield Command controls the Force Shield which can protect your structures from any sort of enemy attacks for a short while. It also provides the access to an emergency Lightning Rod, which is useful during power shortage situations. Additionally, the Shield Command acts as the technology expander for the Euro Alliance, enabling additional weapons and further options in the tech tree.[1]


The construction of the Shield Command grants the European Alliance commander access to the following support powers:

Support power Description
The Force Shield protects the affected friendly structures from any damage for a period of time, useful for saving important structures from being heavily damaged or destroyed by enemy attacks. Force Shield is free, but takes 6:00 to recharge.
The Lightning Rod provides 1000 power for a limited time to the European commander. Additionally, the Lightning Rod will allow Thor Gunships to use their weapon more effectively due to a continuous stream of lightning strikes being "captured" by the rod, thus increasing their firepower. Lightning Rod costs $800 and takes 6:00 to recharge.

It's important to note that this building not only provides access to Tier 2 units, but provides European Alliance specific Tier 3 units with the Tech Center, sans the Spy, Barracuda and Cryocopter. This means that just like the Tech Center, it's imperative that EA commanders protect this building after its construction as they will lose almost all their unique units and the majority of their advanced tech, especially since this building has less overall health than its Tier three counterpart.

Notable appearances

Act One

Act Two

  • In Godsend, each Shield Command maintains a permanent Force Shield over the nearby Allied defences that can only be turned off by destroying the Shield Command. Only the Shield Command protecting the area near the SteinsTech Hangar must be destroyed to complete the mission; the rest can be skipped.

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