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Shadow Ring is an Epsilon support power available from the Pandora Hub, which makes friendly units in the target area cloaked for a period of time. It is especially useful to get the proselyte's troops safely through strong enemies – as long as there are no detectors in range.

Shadow Ring can also be useful to protect Infiltrators and Hijackers from enemy dogs and rogue Spooks, as they cannot see cloaked units.

AI behavior

The AI will use Shadow Ring on specific strike forces it has prepared when Shadow Ring is 70% charged, or roughly 2 minutes before it is ready.

All difficulties

The following task forces will prioritize structures and base defenses before anything else:


The following task forces will regroup in their own base and proceed to attack anything:


The following task forces will prioritize base defenses and structures before anything else:

  • PCicon.png 4x Magnetrons; this strike force will only be built if a Rage Inductor is present

The following task forces will target an infantry then proceed to infiltrate a structure:

The structures can be any of the following:


Act One

Use the Shadow Ring to temporarily hide the presence of your units with psychic illusions.
—Epsilon intel during Operation: Human Shield
  • The Shadow Ring is first usable in the campaign in Human Shield. In this mission as well as in Moonlight (Casual difficulty only), Huehuecoyotl, Machinehead (Casual difficulty only), Blood Rage (Casual difficulty only), Survivors (except on Mental difficulty) and Backbitten (2nd player only) (does not apply to Survivors on Mental difficulty), Shadow Ring can be activated without the need of a Pandora Hub.


  • ShadowRingMaxRadius.gif
    The Shadow Ring can cloak a maximum of 29 vehicles at one time.