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The separatists, also referred as rebels, is a faction that opposes the People's Republic of China. They were only seen in Xizang, China and affiliated with Rashidi's Scorpion Cell to an extent.[1]


Third Great War

During the Third Great War, PsiCorps gave the separatists an opportunity to capture a Psychic Beacon, originally built to suppress them, and take several PRC divisions under their control, significantly boosting their strength.

When Russia spotted the Psychic Beacon, they responded by sending Volkov and Chitzkoi, immune to mind control thanks to the cybernetic implants, along with a remotely controlled Kirov Airship to destroy the Beacon. They escorted the Kirov to the target and dropped the airship on top of the Beacon, destroying it. The PRC divisions were soon freed afterwards.

What happened to the Separatists after these chain of events is unknown, although it is very likely they succumbed to the Mental Omega Device after its activation during the final days of the Mental Omega War.


The separatists used stolen old Soviet equipment in order to fight their enemies as they did not have the means of making their own vehicles and weapons. In Warranty Void, one Mantis Tank can be seen among the separatist forces, and this caused major troubles for Rashidi and Yuri.


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