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The Sensor Tower is a Soviet defense that serves as an early warning measure against hidden enemies and expose them to attacks.

Official description

The Soviet Sensor Towers became a widespread structure in Soviet bases after Yuri's PsiCorps has defected and a number of unexplained attacks has taken place. According to the collected battlefield intel it was assumed that Yuri is not only capable of creating false images in people's minds but also collectively affect their perception of reality and has designed an entire technology around it.

The Sensor Tower is capable of detecting objects which a human eye cannot see due to the interference with their minds. They can also detect placed charges like Crazy Ivan's bombs and spies who have disguised as your own troops. Additionally, a spotlight on top of the tower will mark enemy objects in its vicinity, making them more exposed to damage.

This building has one more useful function: it will block the effects of enemy scouting powers and make it impossible for the enemies of the Soviets to deploy such in the Sensor Tower's vicinity.[1]


The Sensor Tower is one of Tier 2 defense structures in the Soviet Union. As long as the Soviet commander built a Field Bureau, it will become available to build in the base. Like its name, it can detect enemy cloaked or diving units, Crazy Ivan's bombs and Arsonist's fires, and also focus the spotlight on the disguise unit when it detects, decreasing his defenses.

The Sensor Tower also has the ability resembles the Allied Gap Generator, but a bit different, which can generate an area that enemy scan support power is ineffective in the nearby range, which can protect some direct attacks from enemy commanders to the base. (this ability does not apply to playing against AI however).


Act Two

  • The Sensor Tower makes its debut in The Raven, as a buildable structure.

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