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An artist in the field.
—A Seitaad ready to make the battlefield "colorful"

The Seitaad Ballista is a Foehn stolen tech unit acquired by infiltrating any of the Soviet labs and Construction Yard.

Designed for both siege and support purposes, the Seitaad Ballista mounts an EMP cannon which leaves vehicles vulnerable for its next attack: a hail of nanofiber threads that can rip enemy armor and structures apart with ease.

Official description

The Seitaad Ballista combines two of the most sophisticated technologies from the Soviet and the Foehn workshop: the electromagnetic pulse and the weaponized nanofiber threads. The EMP weapon created for the Seitaad Ballista is more similar to the one unleashed through the Chinese EMP Control Station as it affects enemy units in a small area, making them vulnerable to the attack that comes shortly after: a barrage of sharp and tough nanofiber threads, which are also used for combat by the Last Bastion. These nanofiber threads pierce through all sorts of enemy armor and structures alike.[1]





  • Formidable siege and support unit.
  • Effective against structures and armored units.
  • Long attack range.
  • Comes with two powerful weapons: an EMP cannon to disable vehicles, and nanofiber threads to eliminate ground targets.
  • Some amphibious vehicles like Robot Tank or Jackal Racer can be sunk when they are over water, using its EMP weapon.
  • Attacks can hit multiple targets across a wide area.
  • Automatically repairs itself.
  • Decent armor and speed for a siege vehicle.
  • Expensive ($2000).
  • Late game unit, only available after infiltrating any of the Soviet labs.
  • Cannot engage air units.
  • Not a dedicated artillery piece, as advanced defenses still can hit it.
  • Not very durable.
  • Vulnerable against anti-armor weapons.
  • EMP cannon can affect allied units.
  • Slow rate of fire.
  • Minimum range can be exploited.
  • Poor choice against infantry.


  • Seitaad is a genus of basal sauropodomorph dinosaurs that lives during the Jurassic period in what was now Utah, United States. It is named after a sand-dwelling monster of the same name in Navajo folklore.

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