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The Seismic Stabilizer is a building with the purpose of stabilising the surface of the Earth and preventing earthquakes in a vicinity around it. One such building is the target of a battle between Russian and Chinese-Pacific Front forces during the Third World War.


After the Russians discover the truth of the schemes that China and Pacific Front have been concocting together behind their back, the Chinese decide to activate the self-destruction mechanism of the Seismic Stabilizer in Okawa Falls, Kagoshima, Japan. The ensuing earthquakes from the destruction of the Stabilizer would destroy everything in the area and bury all evidence and witnesses of the China-PF alliance. When the Russians approach the Seismic Stabilizer, the Chinese open fire on the Stabilizer itself, but the Russians manage to secure the area around it and disable its self-destruction mechanism. The Chinese later send a taskforce hellbent on destroying the Seismic Stabilizer, but the Russians successfully defend it and clear the Chinese presence from the area, causing the truth about the China-PF alliance to be revealed and the Chinese to send an invasion on Russian soil in an attempt to overthrow the Russians as the leader of the World Socialist Alliance.

After war erupts between China and Pacific Front, China takes control of the remaining Seismic Stabilizers throughout Japan.


Act One

  • In Unshakeable, once the alliance between China and Pacific Front is exposed, the Seismic Stabilizer will be revealed to the player. Its self-destruction mechanism has been activated, causing it to constantly take damage. Once the player's Russian forces approach the Seismic Stabilizer and the surrounding Chinese base, it will fall under the player's control, causing the Chinese to open fire on it but also allowing the player to use the repair button on it. After the Kanegawa Assembly is secured by the Russians, the self-destruction mechanism is deactivated. A few minutes later, the Seismic Stabilizer must be defended from another Chinese attack. If the Seismic Stabilizer is destroyed, everything on the map is buried in an earthquake and the mission ends in failure.


  • In Tainted Empire, a Seismic Stabilizer is protected by Chinese forces, and Epsilon forces will periodically attack the Chinese base and try to destroy it. Although the Chinese are hostile to the player's Foehn forces, the Seismic Stabilizer must not be destroyed. The Seismic Stabilizer is this mission does not have '金川工業' kanjis.


  • A Seismic Stabilizer appears as the central scenery piece in the skirmish maps Dimension W and Tournament Tower. It cannot be captured and deals damage in a large area around it if destroyed.